University of Oxford - Department of Zoology, UK

The Department of Zoology, within the Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences Division at the University of Oxford has a long-standing reputation for world-class research and teaching.

Research in the department is organised into research themes spanning ecology and behaviour, molecular evolution, development, and infectious disease biology.

Professor Martin Maiden’s research group investigates the possible impacts of pathogen population and evolutionary biology on public health interventions. Current work on N. meningitidis includes studies of the evolution of virulence in the meningococcus and comparison of the properties of hyper-invasive lineages with those obtained from asymptomatic carriers.

Prof Maiden’s group led the UK meningococcal carriage study, which examined the impact of the national introduction of meningococcal C conjugate vaccine and has ongoing interests in using basic biology to support vacine design, development and implementation.