Centre pour les Vaccins en Développement (CVD-Mali), Ministry of Health of Mali

The Centre pour les Vaccins en Développement, Bamako was created in 2001 under a cooperative agreement with the Malian Ministry of Health and the University of Maryland Center for Vaccine Development.

The focus of CVD-Mali is to conduct research and provide training in vaccinology and tropical diseases in the country. Several vaccine trials have been conducted by the Centre - more recently a phase II/III trial of meningococcal A conjugate vaccine, which included studies of carriage.

The Centre is becoming experienced in molecular diagnostics including PCR (polymerase chain reaction) techniques. There is a microbiology laboratory on site, which can undertake bacterial culture, serogrouping, ELISA (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays) and PCR.

It has strong international links that include the University of Maryland (USA), the Meningitis Vaccine Project and the World Health Organization.