Centre de Recherche Médicale et Sanitaire (CERMES), Niger

The Centre de Recherche Médicale et Sanitaire (CERMES) in Niamey was created in 1980 specifically for meningitis research. It is a National Institute under the leadership of the Ministry of Public Health.

CERMES is also a member of the International Network of Pasteur Institutes and collaborates with the World Health Organization (WHO), at local, regional and HQ level.

The Centre has long-standing experience in meningitis (diagnosis, carriage studies, sequellae, field investigations...), parasitology (malaria and schistosomiasis) and the relationships between health, environment and climate. It also set up in 2009 a surveillance network of influenza viruses in Niger.

Regarding meningitis, new research capacities in meningitis have been built on molecular diagnosis by PCR since 2002, concomitantly to ELISA (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay) and SBA (Serum Bactericidal Activity) techniques. The CERMES also produces easy-to-perform rapid diagnostic tests for the specific and sensitive detection of meningococcal polysaccharide serogroup antigens at the patient's bedside in Niger.