A Unique Training Opportunity: Molecular Analysis of MenAfriCar Samples

In August 2010, laboratory staff from African partner institutions were invited to apply for a training attachment position at the University of Oxford, assisting with the molecular analysis of MenAfriCar samples.

Following a number of excellent applications from across the consortium, Yenenesh Teklestion was selected for this attachment. In preparation, she attended the Wellcome Trust Advanced Course on Genomics and Microbiology (along with Olivier Manigart) in January 2011.

Yenenesh is currently in the UK undertaking her placement in Prof. Martin Maiden’s laboratory. We anticipate that this will be an excellent opportunity for her to learn some important new skills and, upon her return to Ethiopia, apply these skills in order to enhance AHRI laboratory capacity.


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Yenenesh and Olivier in the lab © Olivier Manigart