Cameroon, Chad, and Nigeria to Introduce MenAfriVac

The GAVI Alliance has committed US $100 million in funding to help tackle meningitis A in Cameroon, Chad, and Nigeria.

Whilst Chad and Nigeria are both hyper-endemic regions with high, continued incidence of meningitis, the situation in Cameroon is less severe. However, it is hoped that by vaccinating the area of northern Cameroon situated between Chad and Nigeria, this preventative immunization will help stop the spread of any future meningitis epidemics.

The distribution of MenAfriVac is due to commence in the third and fourth quarters of 2011, with the first phase of vaccination scheduled to take place in early autumn, prior to the 2012 epidemic season which runs from January to May.

GAVI funding for meningitis A is part of a US $571 million regional strategy to defeat meningitis A across the African meningitis belt.


2010-11 MenAfriVac rollout map reproduced with permission from MVP/IST/Ouagadougou.


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MenAfriVac rollout 2010-11 © MVP/IST/Ouagadougou