PCR Training Workshop

In March 2010, MenAfriCar consortium members from seven African research centres attended a four day Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) training workshop at the Centre de Recherche Médicale et Sanitaire (CERMES) in Niamey, Niger. The training workshop was jointly facilitated by staff from the CERMES and MenAfriCar teams.

During intensive practical sessions participants were introduced to PCR equipment and associated methods for the preparation and analysis of samples. Participants were exposed to the principles and practice of Good Clinical and Laboratory Practice (GCLP), with particular emphasis given to quality control and quality assurance issues. The MenAfriCar study laboratory standard operating procedures were also reviewed and finalised.

It is hoped that in addition to increasing the capacity of partner African research centres, one of the key outcomes of this workshop will be the standardisation of procedures across the seven research centres carrying out the MenAfriCar studies.