Data Management Workshop

Data managers from both the MenAfriCar and Malaria in Pregnancy studies came together in Dakar, Senegal for a data management workshop at Le Ndiambour Hotel from January 31 - February 5, 2011. The workshop was also attended by various other members of the MenAfriCar and Malaria in Pregnancy teams, including the study coordinators.

During the meeting, data managers from each of the African partner institutions were invited to review their progress on data management activities during the first phase of the two studies. There were opportunities to discuss the diverse range of issues encountered by the different study sites as well as possible solutions to these problems. Study questionnaires were revised and updated as needed, and many technical issues with laptops and software were resolved. Data cleaning procedures were also reviewed and standardized across the study sites.

The meeting proved an excellent opportunity for data mangers and study coordinators to work together, emphasizing the importance of timely and clean data as the basis for monitoring project activities and progress, and working together to improve planning for the next phase of the studies.

Data Management Workshop, Senegal © LSHTM