MenAfriCar Meeting, London

The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine hosted a MenAfriCar meeting at the St. Giles Conference Centre in central London from December 1-3, 2010.

More than 25 participants traveled to London from partner institutions in the UK and overseas to discuss the progress of the MenAfriCar study to date. Each of the seven African institutions carrying out the study presented the preliminary results of the first phase of their research. This included provisional data on the prevalence of meningococcal carriage in each of their respective countries, with particular emphasis on the prevalence of Serogroup A meningococcal carriage.

The meeting was also an excellent opportunity to share lessons learned during the first phase of the main study. Partner institutions gave frank analysis of their work thus far, examining the strategies that they felt had worked well and those that left room for improvement. Many important lessons were learned throughout this process and necessary changes will be incorporated into the next phase of the study.

Many thanks to the LSHTM team for organizing such as successful meeting. We look forward to seeing everyone again soon at the next meeting in Dakar!

MenAfriCar London Meeting © LSHTM