Improving the Diagnosis of Meningitis in the African Meningitis Belt

The Meningitis Research Foundation has awarded a grant to Professor Samba Sow and Dr Olivier Manigart at CVD-Mali for the development of a molecular biology tool based algorithm to improve the diagnosis of meningitis within the African meningitis belt.

Whilst tests for identifying meningitis strains do presently exist, these are only suitable for identifying the most common disease-causing strains of the bacteria (A, B, C, X, Y, and W135).

This research aims to adapt existing lab tests to be more specific to the African context, and also to test for rarer kinds of meningococci.

It is hoped that this research will provide a rapid, reliable and low-cost way of evaluating the frequency of different meningococcal strains in the African meningitis belt as well as contributing towards the success of the MenAfriCar project.  


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