CERMES Hosts MenAfriCar Serogrouping Workshop

A member of the laboratory team at each African partner institution was invited to attend a serogrouping workshop in late March 2011. This workshop was very kindly organised and hosted by the Centre de Recherche Medicale et Sanitaire (CERMES) in Niamey, Niger.

The serogrouping workshop, led by Dr Musa Hassan-King, proved an excellent opportunity for MenAfriCar laboratory staff to refresh their slide agglutination skills and to try out some additional laboratory techniques used in serogrouping meningococci.

The MenAfriCar consortium recognizes the importance of workshops such as this as they play a key role in ensuring a consistent high standard of laboratory work across the consortium, building the capacity of African research institutions, and facilitating linkages between these institutions.

Many thanks to Jocelyne Rocourt, Jean Marc Collard and the rest of the team at CERMES for organizing a fantastic workshop!

Serogrouping workshop, Niger © CERMES