Organisation and governance

Partner institutions

MenAfriCar brings together the skills of twelve research centres in developed countries and seven in Africa.

Each African partner institution has full control over its own studies and is responsible for ensuring that local, and when appropriate, national ethical approval is obtained.

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The London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) is responsible for coordinating the consortium research activities.

The consortium meets once a year to discuss the project’s progress and to present research findings. These annual meetings also provide an excellent opportunity to ensure the standardisation of procedures and the co-ordination of research activities between partners.


The consortium is guided by an external advisory committee, which advises on broader scientific issues and provides links with other related projects.

Publications arising from work supported by the consortium are submitted to a separate publications committee for review before submission for publication in peer-reviewd journals.

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Compounds in Niakhar, Senegal. © LSHTM